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7 Summer Activities for You and Your Pup


Summer is a fantastic season to spend time outdoors and make fun memories with your furry pal. If you’re looking for new adventures with your pup, then you came to the right place! Check out some of the best things you can do with your dog this summer. Read on to find out more!

Go on a hike

Caring for a dog means you have to be active! Stay fit by hitting the trail with your pup! Hiking is a great exercise and a perfect way to bond with your best friend. However, make sure that you familiarize yourself with proper hiking etiquette and bring all the necessary gear to keep your pup safe. Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • Pack plenty of water

  • Go for a light hike if this is your pup’s first time

  • Don’t forget poop bags

  • Bring your pet first aid kit

  • Insect repellent is a must!

  • Consider scheduling a grooming session after your hike (this ensures that your pup isn’t bringing fleas, ticks, or other unwanted critters back home)

Plan a beach trip

Hiking is nice and all but if you’re looking for a more relaxing activity, plan a beach trip with your pup! Look for dog-friendly beaches that allow dogs to be off-leash so your best pal can stretch their legs, run wild, and enjoy the beach as much as they can. Remember to pack plenty of water, an umbrella, and a towel to dry your pup before they go into your car. It’s also important to keep in mind that your pup may take a lot of sand with them so make sure to give them a thorough bath when you get home.

Go camping

If you’re a big fan of the outdoors, then going on a camping trip may be perfect for you and your dog. Luckily, there are a lot of dog-friendly campsites scattered across the country. Much like hiking, you may have to familiarize yourself with proper camping etiquette with a pet and pack essentials such as water, dog food, first aid kit, poop bags, and insect repellents. Before going camping, you should also consult your veterinarian for flea and tick prevention measures since wooded areas are filled with ticks and other critters.

Join pet meetups/parties

It’s a given that your dog wants nothing more than to spend time with you. But one of the best things about summer is that everyone is out and about! If you think you need a change of pace, check out events happening in local dog parks around your area for pet meetups and parties! This could be a great time for you and your dog to make new friends whether furry or human. 

Check out dog-friendly local pools

If the beach is too far away, then try taking your dog for a swim at the local dog-friendly pool! Let your pup go for a splash and swim and joint activities catered to pups. According to Woof Report, dog swim days are the one or two days each year when public pools close for the season and dogs take over the pool. Many include contests, games and more, and typically charge a small fee to benefit local animal shelters.

Take a class together

If you want to try a more productive activity - you can take a dog training class with your pup. There are training schools out there that offer outdoor classes during the summer. Not only will you be able to enjoy the outdoors but you’re also providing plenty of physical and mental exercise for your pup!


Capture fun memories

Whether it be through your phone or a polaroid camera, summer is the perfect time to make fun memories with your pup. At the end of the year, make a scrapbook and relive the amazing memories you’ve made with your pup.

How about you? What do you have planned for the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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